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Hey! It's my photography!

Day 027/365 - The Hawk Needle at night! on Flickr.

Did you know that I would actually would have been playing for the NFL if it wasn’t for an injury I suffered in high school.

Well, that and the fact that I stink at playing football.

Day 148/365 - Cairn at Artist’s Pallet on Flickr.

Artist’s Pallet is quite possibly the most colorful patch of desert I’ve ever seen. The teals and rust reds throughout this short 5 mile stretch of Death Valley look faboo!

So I’m taking this shot, and this lady - who had to pass RIGHT by me to get to her spot - parks right in the center of my shot, despite me getting set and being there well before her. I give her stink eye, let her do her thing - and then she spots me and sheepishly says “sorry” and shuffles out of my way.

Yes it’s a public park and all and we have to all share - but really? Are you that fucking braindead?

Day 136/365 - Recursive Garage on Flickr.

Photography lesson 001: Use a natural object near the scene that can be used to frame the main element of the image.

There, now you are ending the day smarter than you did when you started it. Well done.

Day 131/365 - Seattle vs the Flying Saucer on Flickr.

This is my Ray Harryhausen tribute picture. Okay, admittedly it’s more Ed Wood than Ray, but I thought I’d at least try a tribute to the Lord High God of special effects.

PROTIP: if you’re doing a Paper Plate Flying Saucer on a String photo - do not pick the windiest place in the city to do it!

Day 125/365 - Redmond Town Bear on Flickr.

And now, armed with a light meter and some loads of medium format film, I set out to master my Mamiya!

Day 122/365 - Did you draw all that on Flickr.

Somehow I don’t think she did. However, her placement was ideal for the shot, so there you go!

Day 121/365 - First Fire of the Year on Flickr.

And the weather turns (almost) nice enough to start burning wood in the backyard for our pleasures.

Day 118/365 - The sky at night on Flickr.

Another go of Long Exposure, with star trails in the mountains.

Day 117/365 - Persistance of Vision on Flickr.

My impromptu road trip to Eastern Washington included a stop at Vantage.

Day 112/365 - Happy Moon Day on Flickr.

My Earth Day picture was a shot of The Moon. Better than my previous efforts but I still need to work on these.

Day 111/365 - You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round on Flickr.

I take my need Sly and the Family Stone record out for a spin.

Day 110/356 - Record Store Day on Flickr.

Everyone needs to support their independent record store more!

Day 109/365 - Experments in Light Painting on Flickr.

An experiment in light painting with lightsabers out in the woods. Looks a bit like a Black Sabbath album cover, doesn’t it?

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